Fred Fox - 2017 ITR Champion

ITR - BMW 328i

Dave Hofmann

ITA - Honda CRX

Mike Bletzacker - 2017 ITA Champion

ITA - Honda CRX

Brandon Fetch - 2017 SM Champion

SM - Mazda Miata

Ken Hubbard

ITR - BMW 325

Pro IT Series Action

Weekend of Thunder

Series suspended for the 2018 season

Fidelity Power Systems Pro IT Series

Professional Feel, Amateur Fun!

The Pro IT Series

Series suspended for the 2018 season

It is no secret that 2017 was not a very good year for the series; in fact, attendance-wise, it was by far the worst of our ten seasons. This drop occurred in spite of increased email promotion, a redesigned web site, a new Facebook presence and our new Pro IT Partners Program. During the season we had two events with single digit entries and the attendance at the season ending double race with the Trans-Am Series was a disappointment. The reality of the steep decline of the Improved Touring category and increasing number of alternate 'double dip' opportunities for our competitors (particularly Miatas) has caught up to our series.

The management of Touring Race Promotions has reviewed the prospects for the series in the coming season. The number of eligible cars (Improved Touring, Spec Miata, and Super Touring) continues to drop at regional events. There are fewer regional races in our traditional territory and fewer regions needing this product to host Pro IT Series events. With this in mind, we have decided to suspend the series for the 2018 season. Our team is in place and would consider a one-off 'reunion' event although there are no specific plans on the horizon. We are open to opportunities.

We have enjoyed promoting the Pro IT Series over the past ten years and have been to many really great races. We appreciate the support we have had from our partners and participants over the years. We would particularly like to thank Jim Slechta and Fidelity Power Systems for their strong support over the past several years. Our hope is that you have enjoyed the series as much as we have.

Darrell Anthony / Dave Hofmann / Terry Hanushek

Touring Race Promotions

Series suspended for the 2018 season

2017 Champions


Fred Fox

Fred Fox
Fred Fox


Edward Karabec

Edward Karabec
Edward Karabec


Mike Bletzacker

Mike Bletzacker
Mike Bletzacker

Spec Miata

Brandon Fetch

Brandon Fetch
Brandon Fetch


Edward X. Werry

Edward X. Werry
Edward X. Werry

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2017 Schedule & Results

RoundLocation Date Status
1 PittRace May Cancelled
2 NJMP - Lightning June 4 Results
3 Watkins Glen July 8-9 Results
4 NHIS August 5-6 Results
5 Palmer September 8-10 Results
6 & 7NJMP October 6-8 Results

2017 Points Final

(Download full PDF or XLS)


Fred Fox210
Ken Hubbard150
Ben Phillips110
Greg Amy105
Anthony Serra100
Robert Nimkoff75
Ann Lamport-Hammitte45


Edward Karabec110
Roger Maeda85
Joe Stadelmann60
James Slechta45
Andrew Wickline40
Mark A. Johnston35
Bill Erdman30
Mark Gregory10


Mike Bletzacker210
Doug Case170
Don Powers155
Keith Guthrie55
David Colbey45
Michael Lavan45
Kyle Colbey35
David Hofmann25

Spec Miata

Brandon Fetch275
Ken Williams265
Phillip Moore130
Donald Duman105
Steve Noake100
Andrew Quaranto95
Michael Qiao95
Thomas Paolino85
Marty Raguckas70
Lance Bergstein60
Dave Aird55
Michael Condict40
Nicole Cooper-Cefalo35
Andrew Wickline30
Clinton Chichester15


Thomas Paolino15
Lev Uretsky15


Michael Reece60
Edward X. Werry55